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Library Crawl

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Check out everything that our libraries have to offer.

As you stop by each one, check-in at the front desk for a stamp to track your progress.

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Use the below map to chart your trip through our network.

Library Adventure
Awaits this June!

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Participating Libraries

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the OCLN Library Crawl?

The OCLN Library Crawl is a collaborative program taking place from June 5 - June 17, 2023 between 23 OCLN Libraries. All 23 participating libraries are members of the Old Colony Library Network (OCLN) – which helps us cooperate and share physical and digital resources with each other.

We encourage patrons of all-ages to participate by visiting their local libraries, as well as traveling to discover other OCLN network libraries within the South Shore and Cape Cod - Let us know about your travels and share your photos using #oclnlibrarycrawl23

How do I participate in the Library Crawl?

Stop by any participating OCLN library to start. From there, you can collect your passport or download a passport using the download link above. Your goal is to collect at least 5 stamps on your passport- visit 5 different libraries to qualify for the Adult, Teen, or Child prize basket! To enter, clip your passport and turn this in at the library or submit your entry online above.

What events are going on and how do I find out where they are?

During the 2 weeks of the Library Crawl (June 5 - June 17th, 2023), many libraries will be hosting cool events; such as Move & Groove Storytime, Munchkin Tales, Indoor Mini Golf and an After hours 80's Block Party, Music of the West African Kora, The Magic of Butterflies and much, much more! (Note some events may require registration, and some events might be limited to a particular age group - some events are drop-in (they do not require registration), and some events are open to all ages).

Do I need to register for an event?

Possibly. Some library events require registration. Before you visit, we encourage you to check out the OCLN Libraries Events Calendar. If you still have questions about joining an event or need help registering, please contact that library directly.

What are the dates of the Library Crawl?

June 5 - June 17th, 2023.

Getting Around for the OCLN Library Crawl: How-Tos for using the Google Map

OCLN Library Crawl How-To: Browser (link opens in a new window)

Short video on how to use OCLN Library Crawl Map (link opens in a new window)

Can I visit any OCLN Library to qualify for the raffle?

Only libraries participating in the OCLN Library Crawl will qualify you for an entry into the raffle. You must visit 5 unique libraries to qualify for either the Adult, Teen, or Child prize basket.

Who can participate in the OCLN Library Crawl?

The OCLN Library Crawl is open to all ages and anyone can participate. You do not need to be a resident of any of the participating towns, or even a Massachusetts resident.

Do I have to visit particular libraries or in a certain order?

To qualify for the raffle you can visit any 5 individual OCLN library participating in the Library Crawl in whichever order you choose.

Can I visit multiple branches of the same library and have these count?

Branches of one city/town library will only count as one. For instance, if you visit both the North Quincy and Adams Shore branch libraries in Quincy, only one of these would count as one of the five libraries needed to qualify for the raffle.

What are the prizes for the raffle?

Children’s Basket includes: Kid’s Digital Camera, Crayola Art Case, Binoculars, LCD Writing Tablet, Books & Games, and more!

Adult Basket includes: Insulated Cooler Bag, Water Resistant Picnic Blanket, Road Trip Tote Bag, Books, and more!

How will I be notified if I win a prize?

Winners will be notified using the email or phone number you provide on your physical or digital OCLN Library Crawl entry. Winners will be notified shortly after June 17th, when the OCLN Library Crawl ends.

If I win, how do I claim my prize?

When notified of winning, arrangements will be made for picking up the prize basket at a library location close to where the winner resides. When picking up the prize basket, winners are expected to present their completed passport. Passports will not be collected, but will be reviewed to confirm submission details.

Is the OCLN Library Crawl free?

Yes! All programs and events hosted by OCLN libraries are also free!

Take a literary walk or browse a commonwealth book trail to discover the literary heritage of Massachusetts.

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